A Guide to Fresh 48 Photography

EDITED: due to Covid-19 and hospital restrictions in-hospital sessions are not permitted. This session can still be recreated in your home within a day or two of discharge. Bring home the hospital blanket, hat, ID card, ID band and we can still capture all excitement of a that precious new baby.


Newborns change so quickly. They change day by day in those first weeks. Fresh 48 sessions help capture those very first moments you wouldn’t think of, or don’t have the time to do. Having just given birth, nurses are constantly in and out of your room tending to you and baby. If you’re a new mom or even a seasoned pro, all your thoughts are about is feeding, diapers, and a long awaited shower. These are a perfect choice if you don’t want the intimacy of a birth photography but still want to capture raw emotion, tiny baby hairs, wrinkling feet, and all of the moments of bringing a new member into the family. All of these sweet new baby features are gone after the first week or two and have a totally different vibe than the typical newborn session.


Birth is such a vulnerable time. Most likely, you won’t know when or where events will go down. How can you possible expect to coordinate a photographer to come when you don’t even know! The relationship between expecting couples and the photographer are quite close. Like a birth photographer, it will be important to stay in contact. Either by email or a text back and forth with updates on labor, expected delivery, coordinating a time to come in, and any last minute questions parents have.

Yes, you can wait until a scheduled newborn or family session at a later date, giving you enough time to prepare…but Fresh 48s are actually ALOT easier to prepare for and I give you all the information during our chats before.


The Miller family is a friend of a friend that I met over this past summer. Jackie was pregnant with their first baby and at the time, the thought of starting a photography business was no where on my radar. Fast forward to the fall and as I started to look for opportunities to shoot, a business was forming. I quickly remembered the Millers and convinced our mutual friend to ask if she would be interested. My close friend got into contact with her and explained what a Fresh 48 session was. To my surprise, they had not heard of this type of session before. But I was on board and ready to show them that this session is a must have, especially for their first new baby.

Baby Miller’s due date was New Year’s Eve. After talking with Jackie, she expressed hope in having the baby before the New Year. To their sweet luck, a precious new baby boy arrived on Christmas Eve. This was my very first Fresh 48 session. I was nervous. Jackie and Luke were still the nicest people since the first day we met. You would never know that their entire life had just changed over night. They still welcomed me into their hospital room like we were hanging out on a Friday night.

We scheduled for me to come Christmas morning. I had no problem getting out of the house for a bit and how cool would it be for the family to have these Christmas memories!? I mean, there is no better gift than seeing a sweet baby.

When I walked in, Luke was holding baby Jude. He was wrapped like a tiny burrito with the sweetest little hospital hat on. Jackie was getting ready, and the doctor came in to check on baby. Thank goodness, because I was able to have a few minutes to gather myself. He was left in the hospital cot lightly wrapped. I decided to start there. I brought Jude over to the window and snapped a few shots of him alone. It was 9 in the morning when I arrived. The fog outside was thick. For being Christmas morning in Michigan, it was unusually warm. All of this provided the perfect light for his tiny sweet face.

Coming into this I knew I wanted to capture more than just baby Jude. I snapped images of his bracelet, toes, hair, nose, birth card, and ears. After finishing solo baby shots I continue to

grab images of baby and dad, mom and baby, baby and parents. Towards the end of our session together the most

exciting thing happened.

Jude started to open his little baby eyes! I don’t know if it was my shutter snapping away or the commotion of the room that woke him, but I quickly took as many continuous shots as I could. I was too excited to check if I was in focus, just hoped for one or two.


For the love of all, do not let how you look after birth stop you from grabbing these moments. These sweet memories will never come back as vividly as the image. If you don’t want a full on photo of you looking like you don’t even know it’s 2020, NO PROBLEM! Girl, I can blur you so well in the background. Do you have a special side or worried about a double chin, let me know. We can work it. The only thing I ask is that I am able to grab 2-3 images of you with the baby. I’m telling you right this second, even if you keep the photo in a vault somewhere and it never sees the light of day, you will still be happy you have it.

I feel so strongly about this.

Birth is not easy. It is not perfect. But it is still you + baby’s story. Let's never forget the emotion that day.

Each session is tailored to the wants and needs of each client family. If you have any questions about this please send me a message and let’s chat!



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